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Meet The Chef

A professional local chef for twenty years and counting, Terry Bell was hired by word of mouth for the prestigious title of "Team Chef"for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Going into his 9th season with the Cavaliers, he spends long days during the season in the state of the art kitchen at the Cleveland Clinic Courts.  Chef T., as the team calls him, routinely prepares breakfast and lunch while the team practices, prepares pre-game meals and caters special events held at the Practice Facility.

Most recently, Chef T. has branched out into a Prepared Meals business.  He makes it possible for the average family to enjoy quality gourmet meals without the time commitment.  He enjoys giving families a chance to spend more time together- while also eating like the pro's!


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"From breakfast basics to 5-course meals, Chef Terry does it all. He's an All-Star!"

Byron Scott, NBA Legend


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