The TGB Pro Foods Prepared Meals Story...

"Before my wife and I founded our Prepared Meals Service, “What should we do for dinner tonight” were the seven most dreaded words spoken in our home.  With work, school, homework, after school activities and social obligations- we just didn’t have the time we needed to plan, prepare, and enjoy meals as a family.  We often ended up sacrificing something- we would either sacrifice wholesome meals for quick take-out, or we would trade off a time- consuming meal for the quality time that we could have been spending together as a family. 


So, we decided to do something about it.


I began creating meals that were not only delicious and creative- but they were also simple and quick to prepare.  None of our meals takes longer than 30 minutes- really!!  They are mostly prepared and just require heating and serving. 


And, if you fall within our delivery area, we can even deliver your meals straight to your doorstep or to your workplace.  Our goal is to make our Prepared Meals Service so convenient that we can actually give you a little bit of your time back- without making any sacrifices!"

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